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Youth Classes & Experiences

Eurhythmics Classes

4-7 Years

An introduction to the basics of music including note values, time signatures, dynamics, and more.  Imagination is key in these classes as we move like bears, foxes, skunks, dragons, trees, snowflakes and more! This class is led by the piano and a Dalcroze teacher.   

Our imagination takes us many places as we learn how the different musical elements feel as we move them.  This feeling is translated into descriptions and words as we describe how the music sounded and how it made us want to move.  These descriptions are named as musical terms that are the building blocks of music.  Learning first through the body and movement enables long-term retention and understanding of music theory concepts. 

Rhythmic Solfège and Advanced Placement Classes

6 Years +

Using Dalcroze School of the Rockies Curriculum designed by Dr. Jeremy Dittus, we explore theory and musicality using Dalcroze techniques which include playful movement imagination and creativity. 

This five year curriculum series is a comprehensive music education covering many keys, times, rhythms, syncopation, aural skills, nuance, and expression elements. 

This series has an at-home practice requirement of 10 minutes per day 5 days per week to enhance learning. 

Middle School Classes

Music fundamentals for grades 5-8 in a movement based setting.  In this class we will use tennis balls, percussion instruments, group activities, and more to learn the fundamentals of music.  Have you started learning an instrument in school band and want to learn faster, do you want to learn how music works to create your own music,  do you want to play in a small band with your friends, do you just want to learn more or have another music endeavor in mind?  These fundamentals help will prepare you to meet your goals.  

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How do I know which class to enroll in?

If your child is aged 4-6  years old you will most likely want to enroll in a Eurhythmics class.  A Eurhythmics 1 or 2 class does not have practice outside of class.  We are now doing our practice and paper based work at the end of class (instead of taking that time at the beginning of class to review homework).  This paper based work is meant to help reinforce concepts and it will also give parents a chance to work with their kids on specific concepts outside of class.  

If your child is aged 6-7 years old it will depend on their level of experience and readiness for at home practice whether they will be best placed in a Eurhythmics class or a Rhythmic Solfege class, please contact Lori for placement.


If your child is 7+ years old, please contact Lori for placement.

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