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Playful engagement is a key to learning

Engaging the body and mind in playful movements, games, and imagination fosters an environment that awakens the brain and body to readily learn and discover.  We explore different elements of musicality, theory, expression, improvisation, and other musical elements. 

Natural Joyful Movements

Dalcroze Music Classes use natural body movements to experience musical concepts.

Learn the Foundations of Music

Dalcroze Music Classes can enhance your musical experience if this is your first experience with music training, or if you have been studying an instrument for a while.  

A Social Experience

Engage with friends of all ages in a social way to add different dimensions to your musical experience.  

Class Offerings

Youth Classes

Group classes during the school year and special summer sessions.

Senior Citizens 
& Memory Care

Movement with music is a powerful way to connect with your friends and to engage your body and your mind at the same time.


Group classes for schools, band, ensembles, choirs, senior groups, homeschool groups and more!

Building a more musical tomorrow—today

Mom: Did you have fun in class today?

Son: Heck yeah!

- L (6 years old)

Memory Care Facility

We see more engagement with our residents in your program than any other.  -Activities Director


Since my 5 year old son took Ms.Lori’s Dalcroze music classes he has become much more musical in general. He dances with me at home more freely and he started making up tunes, although repetitive, he’s singing!! I think it opened up a world and ideas that he could be musical and that it didn’t have to come from other sources. 

I like that Ms.Lori did things that I liked to do in music. I got to fly like my favorite dragon in class.  - J (5 years old)